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‘Let me tell you something my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.’ – Red, The Shawshank Redmemption

April 29, 2013

He   He’s such a cool nerd…. When I think about being a kid everything seemed ahead of me and everything was happy and sepia toned and exciting.  Everything was apparently tinged with hope because you could be anything and you probably had a lower threshold for what constituted as exciting.  Then I realise that […]

Time /Mediocrity = Disappointment

April 22, 2013

Despite my actual cheery countenance I am actually a deeply resentful, angry and bored person.  I realised recently that my fixations on things that bother me probably only serve to deflect my own critical self analysis, which if I actually took the time to do, would  probably send  me spiralling into a state of comatose […]


April 15, 2013

  It bothers me that I have loads of fears, both rational and irrational, that hold me back.  They may not even be fears as such but these could take the form of things I simply will not do.  While I know that not doing some of these things prevents me from leading a ‘richer […]

The Most Difficult Thing I’ve Ever Written

April 1, 2013

It has occurred to me that I should possibly present some things that I actually like to show  that I’m not a completely angry person.  In fact, I’m quite reasonable.  The other day I started to compile a list of things that I actually like.  It was hard, even harder still to find things that […]