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Hoes Before Bros 12 ways to have fun acting like a douchebag.

June 10, 2015

Get your dude to kiss a dude. Dudes love kissing dudes to get girls off. Make them do it because it’s hot and there is nothing a dude likes better than doing something ‘hot’ to please his lady. But remember it’s only fun if it’s two guys. Girls kissing is fucking disgusting. Dick Pics Text […]

Adulting… A rough guide… AKA THE CAROLINE SYSTEM

June 3, 2015

Buy slippers. Just do it. Not just one pair. Buy multiples. You need to be comfortable inside where you will be a lot of the time when you are not physically ‘adulting’. Use phrases like ‘but they are so comfy’ and even consider buying a spare set just in case you can’t reach the original. […]