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45 minute poop

September 29, 2013

  ‘I’ll get you the money’ he said nonchalantly. She looked at him sideways and smirked.  How did this happen exactly?  She just felt awkward.  Yet she was intrigued.  Why did he come over?  ‘Would it not just be easier to push me down the stairs?’ she replied, cocking an eyebrow but not making full […]

45 minute fart….

September 18, 2013

  She was lying on the sofa in a half asleep daze when he finally returned.  Her eyes flickered open in the darkness as she heard him shuffle around aimlessly and she wiped a sticky stream of drool from the corner of her mouth.  Small streams of yellow light punctured through the gaps in the […]


September 2, 2013

Not bad for 45 minutes! This could’ve been way longer but I guess people annoy me enough as it is! I know that I’m probably not the most articulate person but there are some words and phrases out there that just shouldn’t exist (let’s push text speak out of the equation completely because that just […]