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Unpopular opinions/facts

1: Not every woman cares about muscles or money.

2: Revealing clothes are not an invitation.

3: Pineapple does not belong on a pizza.

4: Good riding can keep a shit relationship going.

5: Most people are dickheads.

6: The most basic opinions are black and white (in most cases) and the lack of nuance shows a lack of intellect.

7: Most men are selfish.

8: The smell of want is deeply unattractive.

9: Karma is a crap made up concept to make people feel better. The universe does not restore itself.

10: Meanies and mushrooms are the devil.

11: You should work kids around your life, not the other way around.

12: Its been scientifically proven that women actually talk less than men.

13: Groups of people are dopes.

14: Having dogs is not a personality.

15: You don’t have to feel guilty for having an abortion.

16: Active listening is a dying skill.

17: There is no such thing as toxic femininity – ask me why.

18: A girls best friend will more than likely know the intimate details of her sex life.

19: Marriage is a terrifying concept.

20: It is completely possible to get what you want without asking for it.

21: You can’t be racist towards white people or sexist towards men. Ask me why.

22: It is ok to say your kid is an asshole.

23: The future is scary.

24: Body language rarely lies.

25: You aren’t entitled to anything beyond basics.

26: Moaning and not changing your situation is your own fault..

27: Desperation leads to bad decision making.

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