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I often wonder about the phrase ‘over analysing’.  The implication with the word ‘over’ being that it’s too much and negative.  Surely analysis is just that – analysis.  It seems a bit like an oxymoron to say ‘under analyse’ something seeing as the key element here involves depth, critical thinking and an awareness of the world around you.  SO with that in mind having layers to your thoughts and considerations should be a good thing?  Or at least it simply is what it is – analysis?


I am well aware of the fact that this level of thought can stop you from functioning somewhat though.  Sitting around thinking about things of inconsequence, that you try to attach significance to, can be extremely time consuming.  Dealing with a nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach because you cannot reconcile conflicting information can make you stay that extra hour in bed.  Playing things over and over in your head until they overwhelm you probably isn’t great either but whereas plenty of literature would have you believe that you should distract yourself I think you should just give in to it.




This sounds ridiculous and almost like I’m saying to stay in bed all day thinking about that person that screwed you over 6 years ago or how you made an ass of yourself that time you pissed yourself at a house party.  I’m not.  But you have to go with these things to a point.  You can’t bottle shit up.  You don’t have to talk about it but you have to explore all the options and work out how to feel about it.  You can fixate all you want on something – I’m not saying it will change – but the more you think about it, the more things become apparent.  Obviously, you can let it take over and that is awfully hard to steer away from, to the point where you think you can predict future outcomes but without ‘over analysis’ you will never, ever be prepared for the worst possible outcome.  So, what I am saying here is that by thinking things through and at a possibly obsessive length you can protect yourself.


Also when being critical it’s good to know that you probably aren’t just directing it towards yourself. Recently I found myself fixated and highly irritated by people who press the buttons continuously at traffic lights or on lifts.  The rant in my head went as follows, staring at a middle aged man:


After you press it once it actually does anything?!……  I guess it serves the same function as praying in way – it makes you feel like you are doing something when you aren’t……  Like you’re busy when you’re not…..  Like it will make the traffic stop sooner or the lift arrive earlier…. Do you feel like you’ve accomplished anything?… Do you know how simple that makes you look?… Where do you have to go that is that important?  




If I wasn’t highly critical of myself and everything around me,  I don’t think I would be as hard on others and then I wouldn’t have these angry thoughts that simultaneously amuse me.  I doubt I’d be as observant.  You should be able to talk to yourself.  It’s as simple as that.


A lot of literature will make you feel like you’re broken if you read up on this.  I say fucking embrace it.  Be a cynical bastard.  Being observant and being sceptical go hand in hand.  And you know what?  There’s nothing wrong with being wary.  Wary people get dicked around way less.  There’s nothing wrong with being frightened.  You know why?  Because they can see dickheads coming a mile off.  You see things for what they are and expect the worst.  Everyone you meet should start off as a ‘zero’ and work their way into your esteem.  That’s not to say that I am an expert on human behaviour – far from it, but I know who I definitely don’t want to be around.  Also if you are as hard on yourself  as you (secretly or not) are on others there is nothing that another person can say to you, in an attempt to piss you off or hurt you, that you don’t already know.


Sometimes, I sit up at night and think about stupid things that have happened and attempt to read other people’s behaviour until I feel ill. Then I wonder what part I played in it and plague myself with ideas of self improvement.   I think of things I shouldn’t have done and dwell on tiny nuances and gestures.  Sometimes I think I can see all the bad things before they happen.  The thing is with over thinking that the literature doesn’t tell you is that this is a defence mechanism because if something good unexpectedly happens (and even then you search for holes in it) it really is just gravy.  Over analysis is just how some people think.  It should be embraced.  I would like to think that it indicates some kind of emotional depth, a way of seeing the world for what it actually is (no point in thinking people are all great) and trying to make yourself better.  Either that or just a way of telling myself that it’s OK to aim low.


Essentially to say ‘over analysis’ is to say ‘over think’ and the bizarre thing is that most people don’t seem to think at all.  So is that saying we shouldn’t think?  Is that what we’re supposed to do?  Because over thinking makes you damaged, instead of people (or sheeple as I like to call them) that don’t contemplate their surrounds and consequences of their smallest actions.  FUCK THAT!  I’d rather have my sleepless nights than lose my ability to apply reason and logic and emotion to things. 



(Heh.  I worked the word ‘anal’ into that many times.)

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