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Ye durty feminist yeh

The Dirty Old ‘F’ Word


I am a feminist.  There I said it.  It’s not a thing I readily say out loudly because it’s the like the whole abortion issue.  It can be a touchy subject to say the least.  The ‘f’ word has become a dirty word these days.  Mostly because people picture you to be an unshaven, man hating trog who likes to start fights with anything phallic. I am  not a self-righteous feminazi.   In my case, and many other feminists that I know, that is not the case.  You know what?  It makes me angry that people will fight with me when I say that I am a feminist.  And so the rant begins…

I’m going to clarify my definition of a feminist.  There are loads of variations on what constitutes an actual feminist but this is my interpretation. 


I have a vagina and I shall do with it what I want.

This means if I want to have sex I will, if I don’t I won’t. I have the right to not be called a ‘sluh’ or ‘frigid’.   End of. If I want an abortion I’ll get that little fetus sucked right out of me if I want.  I am not a vessel and I am not there to have babies if I don’t want to.  I shouldn’t feel bad about doing what I want with my own body.

I can do pretty much anything a dude can do.

I can.  I’m not saying I can do it better.  I’m not saying that I am great at everything.  Yeah, sure I’m short but I believe I should have the same opportunities to everything that a guy does.  I have potential.  My gender should not determine what I can or cannot do.  I also believe that all the opportunities that I should have are not available to me based on my gender.  I imagine now that there is someone smug out there saying… ‘well why aren’t there more female scientists out there?’ Well probably because we’re only getting ourselves all really educated now, eh?  We haven’t really had a shot at it yet, have we?  In my lifetime I will probably have to work harder than any guy I know in a comparable field just to break even.  It is undeniable that women are often taken less seriously in a variety of areas career wise.

My physical appearance should not be determined by the ability to be objectified.  I should not have to do anything that a man doesn’t do.

If I want a massive 80s bush instead of a stupid bald vag that’s my choice.  (FYI shaved balls look crazy too) I do not want to pretend I’m a 7 year old when I’m naked.  It shouldn’t be expected of me to shave, wax or anything if I don’t want to.  That’s not saying I don’t.  That’s just saying I should have the choice to let my legs get to the stage where a yeti would be jealous.  If you see me naked you shouldn’t be worrying about that shit.  I won’t shave my minge because I’m asked to either… I’ll grow it longer out of spite.  I might even put it in an elaborate bun.

I think men and women are more similar than anyone gives anyone credit for.

Men should not HAVE to do anything because it is their supposed gender role.  Same for women.  Feminism is about expanding our expectations of what women and men should do.  Focusing on these differences just accentuates them and makes it impossible for men to report being raped or abused as well because they feel it won’t be taken seriously.  Men should be able to be stay at home dads too if they want without feeling that they are not the provider.  Fuck that!  Do whatever makes you happy.  It’s never going to be a black and white issue.  If it was I’d be in a nunnery. 

Women are not always naturally passive.

OK some women are passive and to be.  Their choice.  Fine.  I, on the other hand, am not.  If I like a guy I’ll probably tell him.  OK… I might be pissed and doing a disgusting scary grinding dance in his direction but I will.  I think it’s stupid that women that are confident and assertive should repress that and become entangled in a series of mind games that only serve to perpetuate sexual stereotypes.  Bollox!!!!!  If I see something I’m really that pushed about getting I’ll do it.  I find it strange that forward behaviour scares people, or at least makes it harder for them to take you seriously in this apparently progressive day and age.  It still exists and that pisses me off.  I can’t feign being demure, playful  and shy when I’m the complete opposite of that.  I reckon I’d have a better success rate with the opposite sex if I was sober more often though… and not grinding.

Women who hate women just for the sake of it should be smothered.

Over my life I have met more women that are highly critical of other girls for no reason.  One girl I knew said that she ‘had way more friends that were guys than girls because girls were too much drama.’  WTF?!!  That really just honestly sounds like you’re just a bitch.  There is something really wrong with someone who cannot be friends with their own gender.  Is it because you cannot get the sexual attention that you desire to validate you?  Did Daddy not give you enough hugs?  Seriously have a look at yourself if you cannot be friends with people with willies and flaps.  Another girl I knew said that ‘girls just aren’t funny.’  What about Caitlin Moran, Sweet Dee from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and loads more?  Women are funny – it’s just society has lower expectations for them whilst paradoxically being highly critical of them.  And for the record period jokes are hilarious.  If someone is an asshole it doesn’t matter whether they are male or female, they are just a cunt but generalising about men or women doesn’t make any sense.  To me girls who are only friends with guys are weird and are seriously lacking a vital part of their social interaction with peeps.


If you disagree with any of these statements I’m afraid that you are simply just wrong.  The word feminist means a lot of different things to different people but until it becomes accepted as essentially not being an aggressive term nobody will get beyond it and it’s message.

It was ‘Woman’s Day’ a while ago and I actually heard several dudes ask where there day was.  All I could do was shake my head.


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