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I gets the anger over these

Here’s a list of things that make me super cranky – both rational and irrational – well – just because I have a few minutes to kill.  So maybe don’t do these things – cos they make me hulk out.

1:  Having to clean adult wee from a toilet seat so I can use it.  FFS – if you’re going to piss everywhere clean it up yourself.

2:  Tapping me when you’re talking to me.  I will fight you.

3:  Talking over me before I finish my point.

4:  Laughing at me when I’m trying to be serious.

5:  Reading shit over my shoulder.

6:  Not giving me enough physical personal space.

7: Loud noises.

8:  The offering of advice without having asked for it.

9:  Negative and unwarranted comments – again that were not asked for and are not constructive.  If you’re going to point something out – point out a solution too.

10:  Not waiting for people to get off the bus before getting on.

11:  Crowds.

12:  Queuing.

13:  People being controversial for the sake of it.

14:  Expecting effort on your part but making very little effort themselves.

15:  Gay Byrne.

16:  When being bitchy is considered comedy – it’s not a personality – it’s just lame.

17:  People stealing from their peers.  Rob away from large companies – I don’t give a fuck about that.

18:  People with an inability to be quiet.

19:  Being told that you’re super judgmental for judging someone based on their actions even if it has nothing to do with you.  You still wouldn’t want to be close friends with them based on the shit you’ve seen them pull, would you?

20:  Saying someone is a ‘bitch’ or ‘crazy’ but also saying that you’d ride them.  Oh how boringly superficial.

21:  Assuming things because I’m a woman.

22:  Not being listened to.

23:  The silent treatment.

24:  People getting angry when babies cry.

25:  People letting their children run around in close quarters like cafes or supermarkets.

26:  Not saying sorry.

27:  Diminishing genuine concerns in a patronising way.

28:  Aggressively disagreeing about something without knowing all the facts.

29:  People that assume they know what they’re talking about with little research.

30:  Someone explaining things to me that I know more about than they do.

31:  Bullies.

32:  Sweeping generalisations and strawmen arguments.

33:  Tapping my back during a hug.

34:  Someone (strangers mostly) forcing their way into a conversation that I don’t want to have with them (including having earphones in).

35:  Victim blaming.

36:  The phrase ‘should of’.

37:  Lying.

38:  Deflection.

39:  Menz.

40:  Sleep deprivation.

41:  Landlords and estate agents.

42:  People who measure people’s worth in terms of aesthetics.

43:  Resealable packets.

44:  The fact that only a tiny percentage of buses have USB plugs and you can never find them when you need them.

45:  Lack of compromise.

46:  Making me out to be difficult because yeah I’m awkward and a bit mental (mostly on the inside) but I’m really really not.

47:  People making loads of assumptions without asking questions.   asking questions doesn’t make you weak.

48:  People thinking men and women can’t be platonic friends.

49:  When a dude finishes during sexy times and then so does the sex.

50:  Being hungry.


This is not the end of this list.  There are many many more things.


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