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I write shite poetry now

I’m trying this out.  Be nice.  They’re not super serious.




[clicks fingers]

Do you


if I



enough it 




it means






There’s a hole in the wall behind the door,

And I’m thinking that there’s some deep poetic analogy in there,

while I’m fixing it with gauze and mentally listing the other things that I need to mend.


there’s something in this;

hoovering all the skin out of the carpet,

washing all the stains off the sheets,

sweeping up the broken mirror shards hidden in the corners,

throwing out every single gift,

erasing photos.

When that wall is sanded over,

it’ll be like nothing ever happened.

But I can’t make the connection,

because I’m shit at poetry,

so what the fuck would I know?


[baby cracks]

Show me all your baby cracks

and I’ll show you mine,

although maybe they’re more obvious

without saying anything over time.

Ask questions though as if you care,

in a very non-serious way,

because to be honest, I’ll probably just get scared,

and retreat back,

pulling out lumps of my own hair.


[the day the fifty euro went on fire on a candle haiku]

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck,

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck,

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.


One Response to “I write shite poetry now”

  1. Think the haiku is my favourite!

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