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The are you a menz quiz?

Are you a ‘menz’?  It’s different than a man – which on its own I have no issue with.  ‘Menz’, however, are different and live in their own little world of toxic masculinity which perpetuates their own misery and this misery leads to sadz… which leads to menz tears… which is the main source of my feminist power.

Here’s a quiz to see how menzy you are.  On their own loads of these aren’t that bad but when cumulatively applied and a high score is reached you’re probably not my kind of person.

They’re simple yes or no answers and a diagram to explain it for your simple menz brains below.  If you score over 70 let me know because your tears will taste exquisite.


1:  Do you like to be controversial for the sake of it?

2:  Do you make shit jokes about vegetarians that weren’t even funny 10 years ago?

3:  Do you rely on the women in your life for emotional support that you wouldn’t with the male counterparts you know?

4:  Do you start sentences regularly with ‘women are’?

5:  Do you often start explaining things to women without gauging their level of expertise first (or even despite knowing that this IS their area of expertise or job)?

6:  Do you make a point of talking to women about their pleasure being important to you like it’s exceptional?

7:  Do you go asleep without checking if your partner has also orgasmed?

8:  The female body is a mystery yeah?

9:  Do you believe it’s weak for men to cry?

10: Have you ever referred to yourself as ‘woke’?

11: Do you diminish women’s looks, personality or intellect when chatting them up?

12: Do you think women talk too much?

13: Do you think women talk more than men?

14: Do you think ‘rape culture’ is a myth?

15: Do you think Jordan Peterson is cool?

16: In a public setting do you feel the need to talk loudly and over everybody?

17: Do public displays of affection bother you?

18: Do public displays or affection bother you when it’s not a heterosexual couple?

19:  Are gay men gross but lesbians hot?

20: Do you treat your mother like shit?

21: Have you ever referred to your partner as ‘a ball and chain’, or something to that effect?

22: Do you feel the need to tell women your opinion on their physical appearance without prompting?

23: It is often negative?

24: Have you ever lied to get sex?

25: Have you ever ‘accidentally’ put your dick in the wrong hole?

26: Would you be pissed off if you only had daughters?

27: If you had a son (or have one) have you spoken to him about consent?

28:  Do you think women are worse to each other than men are to women?

29: All women are after the same thing?

30: Are you scared of men seeing your dick?

31: Are you afraid to hug other men?

32: Have you ever said ‘where are all the female {insert career dominated by men here}?’

33: Have you ever played devil’s advocate about a rape case?

34: Is a woman farting gross but a man farting ok?

35: After you scratch yourself do you smell your hand?

36: Do all women love shoes?

37: There is a fine line between normal and needy, yeah?

38: Have you ever unironically said ‘not all men’?

39: When a woman or women have been discussing something relevant to them through statistics and/or experience have you said ‘what about the men’ or ‘that happens to men too’, or ‘I don’t do that.’

40: Would you laugh at a friend that was being physically abused by a female partner?

41: Do you have difficulty expressing emotion with words?

42: Do you have a hard time listening to women?

43: Have you ever had sex with someone who was waayyy drunker than you?

44: Do you think the amount of sexual partners a woman has had can have an impact on her vag?

45: If someone laughed during sex would you freak out?

46: Have you ever explained men to women by  saying ‘this is what men do?’

47: Do men have higher sex drives than women?

48: Would you refuse to buy tampons for your lady in the supermarket?

49: Do you refuse to go to the doctor until you’re super unwell?

50:  Do you deserve cookies for basic tasks?


Look yourself up below and post your results.   If you are an uber menz I will make you cry on purpose.









5 Responses to “The are you a menz quiz?”

  1. 3. People should seek emotional support from other people – why is gender so important here?

    • I think it’s important because many men rely on women more than they do on other men for emotional support. Perhaps, it’s a fear of seeming weak in front of their male peers or whatever. Either way women are often considered the more emotional of the two genders and, in my experience and the experience of many women, we are left doing a lot of emotional labour that we would not expect from our male partners. In other words, a lot of this pressure is then put onto women to help men specifically when we have whole networks of support in many cases and do not burden one person with it.

  2. I can’t actually answer the sex questions because I have never had full sex or had a girlfriend. I like to think I wouldn’t be a selfish lover.I know that I wouldn’t have sex with someone whose drunk, that’s rape and I don’t care what men say otherwise, they’re the kind of shitheads who have probably already committed rape. Also because I am autistic I tend to find emotions in general kind of confusing and I do find listening to anyone for extended periods of time unless it’s something I really like to talk about like comic books or horror movies difficult.I did answer yes to a few questions but I feel bad that I have thought that way. I think men need to be better.

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