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People are OK… I guess



I think I might have a bit of a reputation of being quite moany, negative and generally morose.  I think nothing could be further from the truth.  When people have put me down I see sometimes it is because I have convictions, a moral compass and am genuinely passionate about the things that interest me.  Seriously, talk to me about music or film, socialism or theoretical politics (the real stuff is too depressing for even me) and you’ll see.  Although in fairness, these days I can see a look on faces when they glaze over and conversation can’t go beyond the superficial.  But, whilst I am aware that I can be negative I am the first to praise someone or hold their hand if things are difficult.


And there are lots of things I love.


I have done a similar post to this years ago (a post about things I really like) but this is a bit different.


Here is a list of things I love specifically in people:


Having arguments about music or quizzing people about side projects of certain band members.


Getting excited about going to gigs.


Realising that a person has very similar tastes to you.


When someone knows you feel shitty about something and knows exactly what to say.




When you make someone laugh so much they cry or they do it likewise.


Having long conversations about anything, sober, at stupid o’clock.


Getting a random nice text or message from someone.


When people give you a very thoughtful gift (price does not matter) that makes it obvious that they know you very well.


That look that a person gives you when what you’ve said surprises them (in a good way).


When someone buys you a bag of cans.


When people remember the little details about you or when you met.


People ringing you first to give you good news.


An entire conversation based on slagging each other off.


When someone hides on you and gives you a fright.

When people are genuinely supportive – weirdly this one can come as much from people you don’t know that well as much as people that you are super close to.


People encouraging each other.


Pointing out flaws constructively but backing up flaws with compliments.


Falling asleep next to someone and waking up in the exact same position.


The face on a person when they see a lovely animal.


When someone gives you a head massage.


Getting the ride.


When you can see that someone is honest and really kind. These are the people that never claim that they are nice but if you watch them interact with other people you’ll see that they genuinely are.


The expressions that happen in the eyes.


Sexual tension – the calm before the storm and inevitable failure.


When you realise how fecking clever someone is and you’re a little bit in awe of them.


When people are quick to tell you positive things about yourself.


See, I can like people and be positive!  See?!!  That took me way too long to write but ah well….

I think in a roundabout kinda way I’m trying to say thank you to each one of you that has supported me and read this blog, or for the random comments and encouragement.  I mean I got all of my funding for this book through you guys and that’s really awesome.  It’s come from people I didn’t expect it from if I’m honest and that’s pretty amazing.  Thank you for reading and being nice.

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