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Did I ask you?

I am very angry today but I won’t get into it. As you know I get annoyed all the time. These are some sentences that real people I know have said, some are friends…some not.

I mean there are other sentences that people should really just think about before they say them. Half the time I’m not sure whether they mean them or whether they are just really really stupid.

There are two things that really really bug me here:

1. People making assumptions based on inaccurate information and either finishing your sentences or giving you advice that there really is no point to. That’s not to say that even if there was advice going that they would or should really be in a position to give it without it being asked for.

2. People explaining things to you based on the presumption that you are stupid and do not understand anything. That’s right, anything, …even if you have been proven on the contrary to have at least half a brain. Especially when it’s someone that you know and should know things about you, like what you did in college and then begins to explain to you the different kinds of camera angles.

‘I feel really sorry for old men when I think that all they get to see naked are old women’ –
OK…so old men are hot naked, right?! I really don’t think so especially if the only part that counts only works half the time!

‘Well you’d like a lot more mainstream stuff than I would…’
Seriously, what the fuck?! How can you make a judgement call like that on me when you don’t even know what I like? So you know all the bands that I like and who they are of course?

‘You know they don’t film things chronologically though, yeah?’
Why would I? Sure I only taught Film and TV studies and did it in college, what would I know?

‘It’s not the end of the world…I mean you can do other things then’
– a female once said to me about sex after having a baby and how it’s ok that your vagina is pretty much useless after you have one. Isn’t it weird then that lots of people have more than baby? Isn’t it foolish when you think about what you just said properly? College graduate my arse!

‘Women have a tendency to always overfeed their children..’
Where did that come from? Were you a fat and stupid child? Is that why you’re bitter?

‘You’re not fat you know…’
OK…. I don’t remember telling you that I think that I am but now I’m really feeling massive.

‘Sometimes someone mightn’t be that attractive until you get to know them … or you find out that they like some of the same things as you’
Said in the first few weeks of going out with someone when we found out that we liked some of the same things. Apparently tact was not one of them. Charming, yes?

‘You know people would take you more seriously if you wore make-up.’
Oh my God! Now I know that I can go on and run for government!

Now I know how to be taken seriously following Jordan and Christina

‘All you care about is smoking’
That’s just wrong. I also care about drinking and on occasion eating!

‘You’ve left it too long to have another one…’
A random stranger told me when I was at some gathering in college with my child. Wrong on so many levels! First …you assume I want another child. Second…you don’t even know that I’m only 28 and third what the fuck is it to you?

‘You might have all day but I don’t…’
Some narky old woman says pushing past me and my sister. Apparently she did have all day though because a snail could have outrun her.

‘You know what I would do if I were you…’
Well to be honest I wouldn’t have opened my mouth in the first place. Maybe shut the fuck up now though…

Anyway the moral of the story is to for me to relax and for everyone else to be quiet. Before you say something think and if you want to go all out and be an asshole do it with style instead of sounding like a thick, ok?

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