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I just wrote a list…

This is lazy.

  1. Not opening your curtains for a prolonged period of time makes you go mad.
  2. Blokes and girls aren’t that different. Never start a sentence with things like ‘Well all girls/guys blah blah blah., especially when you’re the opposite gender. As the phrase goes ‘when you assume you make an ass out of you and me.’
  3. I personally feel too much of a good thing can lead to super desensitisation. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m desensitised. Or maybe I’m a robot.
  4. Being bored is the worst thing in the world. Even if everything seems boring, there’s always lots to do. Once I spent a whole night thinking about how certain words didn’t make sense like ‘nightcap’. Seriously say it over and over again to yourself.
  5. Being creative in any capacity involves quite a lot of negativity at times, which is horrible , but needed. I’m not saying I’m creative or anything pretentious like that.
  6. You will always remember someone who is particularly funny.
  7. Don’t use the internet for validation (she said writing a self indulgent blog… which is actually more to make sure I write than anything else but still)…
  8. Making memes is a fun past time but when did that seriously become a thing?
  9. Kissing is a great way to pass the time when you don’t know what to say or can’t be arsed talking. grief
  10. Most people have an agenda.
  11. Being angry is better than being sad but neither get you anywhere. If you’re angry about something it means it’s not finished with completely.
  12. Sometimes you can cut the tension with a knife but until you say anything you’ll never know if it is in your head.
  13. Staying quiet about something, or going along with something that you know isn’t right, is just as bad as directly fucking someone over. It’s probably even worse.
  14. Doing something out of spite or malice, or by accident has the same end result.
  15. Change and compromise might as well be exact same thing.
  16. I really wouldn’t moan about something that you have the opportunity to change but don’t.
  17. Wait until people get off the bus until you get on.
  18. Thongs give you thrush. Not that I’ve had thrush. Ever.
  19. We are living in a generation where procrastination has led lots o f us to become a load of adulty children. Like for fuck sake I wear Hello Kitty knickers. I’m 33.
  20. Never shit at a house party. Just don’t do it. Don’t try. It will only end in tragedy, even if you get to finish it because you WILL be interrupted.
  21. If you’re waiting for other people to validate you to know that you’re a good person/doing something cool you’ll be waiting a long time. Tell yourself every day that you are awesome, because you are and nobody fucking else will.
  22. Although I am a big fan of movements that end in ‘ism’ (feminism, socialism etc.) I think extreme sides of any argument are elitist and ruin things for everyone getting a better understanding of each other.
  23. Is it just me or are there more flies this summer than ever before? I’ve never noticed how annoying flies are.

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